Wajood Organization

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We have Designed and Developed Official Website of Wajood Organization Pakistan.

The website include their NGO basic details, their blogs, the services they provide to other transgenders, their contact details, volunteer registration form and online donation option.

Technology Used:

Website is designed and developed in WordPress.

About Wajood Pakistan

The Goal is to promote transgender rights. Bubbli runs her own NGO called ‘Wajood’, which works to promote transgender rights. She is an inspiration for her proteges and encourages them to actively participate in mainstream activities. Bubbli Malik words during an interview ” Today, I am CEO of Wajood organization. let me introduce you about the Wajood organization. When we laid the foundation of Wajood, we called it Wajood because it was specially formed for the Transgender (TG) community. The board of members are TGs, the people working in it are TGs, Every single person working in it belongs to our community. All those who are abandoned by the society, formed the Organization to celebrate their existence and that we called, Wajood (existence).


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